How to Control Oil Leakage In Gear Motos: Advanced Tips From The Top Gear Motor Manufacturer

Arguably, oil leakage is one of the most common problems when it comes to gear motors, which is mostly caused due to box quality, lubricating oil quality, oil seal quality, and the air pressure outside and inside the box. 

Moreover, did you know that excessive lubricating oil can all lead to oil leakage? While oil leakage is a common problem, it comes with a host of various challenges. Hence, it’s imperative that you adopt certain measures to control the oil leakage before it causes serious damage. 

In this article, we at Premium Transmission, the top gear motor manufacturer, have provided some factors that you should adopt to prevent oil leakage in your gear motor, based on the causes. 

What To Do For Oil Leakage Caused By Quality of Gear Casting

If the oil leakage in your gear motor is caused due to the quality of worm reduction gear casting, then the oil needs to be first cleaned with gasoline and other cleaning agents. After this, you need to inject hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 20% in the casting. Leave the acid in for 24 hours, and then remove it and clean the casting. The ferrous chloride by chemical reaction should have blocked the cracks and prevented further oil leakage. 

What To Do For Oil Leakage Caused By Poor Oil Recovery

Another leading cause for oil leakage is poor oil recovery in the gear motor. Basically, if the oil splashes onto the inner wall of the box cannot return to the oil pool immediately, it causes a leak in the shaft. To control the oil leakage, you can adopt the following measures: 

  • Place an oil seal on the reducer’s head while using an oil slinger to prevent the leakage of the oil, which will result in the oil being returned to the pool 
  • You can also design an annular oil return chute on the die joint to support oil recovery. Moreover, through this method, partial oil would flow into the bearing for lubrication. 
  • Lastly, you can make use of the best and original oil discharge system, in which you can clean the gearbox, filter the old oil and inject fresh oil. The reason why this is the best technique is that it doesn’t require any changing nor adding cleaning agents to any parts of the device. This ensures safe operations of the gearbox and extends the service life. Moreover, it’s one of the most important steps to reduced failures of the gearbox. 

What To Do For Oil Leakage Caused Due To Pressure Imbalance

The primary cause of oil leakage in the gearbox is that the internal pressure is greater than the external atmospheric pressure. The higher the pressure difference, the more serious the oil leakage. Hence, it’s imperative that you adopt measures that ensure the pressure is balanced. 

The most common way to accomplish this is by setting a vent cap and vent-plug on the tank cover. However, it the diameters of the vent cap and vent-plug are too small, the pressure difference will increase and the oil leakage will become more serious. 

Hence, you need to carefully inspect the vent cap and plug before using it. You can open the vent cap and keep the gear motor running for a few minutes, then check the vent hold with your hands. If you feel hot air, the diameter is too small, and you need to replace it with a larger vent cap. 

While these measures are surely effective, the best way to prevent oil leakage is by purchasing high-quality geared motors. At Premium Transmission, we assure the best gearbox manufacturing in India. So, contact us today for more information!