Advantages of Premium Care

Premium Care

No matter how ever-present gearboxes have been, we generally tend to overlook their repair needs. A delayed routine maintenance will only lead to a setback on the entire production system. In order to ensure that things run smoothly, Premium transmission offers a special care unit called the Premium Care, which ensures basic upkeep and repairs on gearboxes to get the most out of their lifespan. We ensure that every unit we refurbish and repair leaves our facilities in near-new condition.

What are certain aspects that needs taking care of, when it comes to maintaining gearboxes?

Regular use and inspection

All industrial gearboxes are designed to be used in a specific way. They will include specific guidelines and use ratings to help you use them correctly. When a gearbox functions outside of these parameters, this can cause issues.

Be sure to use the gearbox as intended and check it regularly. Look for signs of wear and issue. Abnormal noises, overheating, and decreased performance can all indicate an issue needs to be fixed.

The intention of Premium Care is to act as a one- stop solution by providing them state of the art service centres with a focus on servicing, reconditioning and overhauling.

Maintaining the Lubrication

The basic rule of maintenance is to focus on keeping the gearbox in normal running condition. During normal use, a gearbox tends to damage itself. Overtime, this damage can build up.

A gearbox’s lubrication and oil should be your first step towards maintenance. Lubrication helps reduce friction on moving parts, so gear changes occur smoothly. To achieve this, special oil or lubrication is required.

Often, the lubricating liquid becomes contaminated with little particles of dust and other matter. If this ever happens, make sure that you replace the lubrication. Changing the lubrication regularly, helps keep everything pure, free of contaminants.

Premium Care believes in setting new benchmarks in service efficiency and unfold immense potential for the customers we serve.

Advanced Maintenance

By heading to regular repairing and replacing the parts, gearbox functioning can be maintained and ensure that the parts see the most use. Parts that frequently wear out first should be taken care of immediately.

Many parts in the gearbox are important for the transmission changes. Parts such as the gears will normally wear out over time through normal use. This can be accelerated if the lubrication isn’t changed regularly.

When an issue like this comes up, it’s best to replace the specific part and any additional parts connected to it. Some repairs require the replacement of a whole assembly.

Contamination control is another area that requires frequent repair. The seals, filters, and breathers that keep foreign contaminants out, will require replacing over time. Ignoring these parts leads to vulnerability to foreign matter, which can increase wear on the inside and affect the lubrication.

Most of these individual units can be replaced on an individual basis. It is imperative to test these parts frequently, both on the inside and outside of the box.

Why Premium Care?

Our well-trained, highly experienced and committed teams have thorough knowledge of the standards and specifications, with the right expertise of tools to address every aspect of refurbishment, right from diagnostic work to the final adjustments. This allows us to repair almost anything, or perform reverse engineering, and remanufacturing if required. 

What we offer?

Top notch servicing of industrial gearboxes, geared motors, fluid couplings and lift machines at competitive prices. We are equipped to design, develop and manufacture internal parts for products, ensuring their optimum performance. We own an experienced service team who are extensively trained to inspect, diagnose and service in case of breakdown.

Premium Care offers comprehensive solutions to keep your rebuilt gearbox humming along. We schedule proactive repairs ahead of time, as well as keep an inventory of spare parts stocked and ready for quick fixes.