What you need to know about Worm Gearboxes

Standard Worm Gearbox

Speaking of Industries, worm gears and helical gears are the two main types of gears that are widely used in several Industrial applications

Conventionally one would go for a helical gearbox design over a worm gearbox. But advances in the worm gearbox design has not only closed the efficiency gap but has also given worm gearboxes a competitive edge over helical gearbox.

What are Worm gears?

A typical worm gear features a worm wheel and a worm (similar to a screw) with a perpendicular, non- intersecting shaft, oriented at 90 degrees to each other. The worm wheel plays the role of the driven element, while the screw plays the driving element. They are widely popular for their distinctive uses and characteristics.

How the Worm gear works?

When power is applied to the worm, it rotates against the wheel, transferring power to the worm wheel, causing the wheel to thrust against the load. This set-up allows the determination of speed, and for high torque to be transmitted. A worm gear is designed to bear loads that are otherwise known to produce high shock. They are vastly known for the low noise levels and their relatively low maintenance. The worm gear is also used as a brake system.

Where are Worm gearboxes used?

For applications that require greater speed, worm gearboxes can be used. Some of the applications of worm gearboxes are-

  • Presses
  • Mining
  • Escalator/ Elevator Drive systems
  • Rolling mills
  • Manufacturing and packaging industries
  • Small machinery and conveyors

Owing to its unique design, the worm gear finds applications in several types of Industries. Some of the most common types or places it is used are:

  1. In conditions where swift stopping is needed– Since back driving is almost an impossible feat to acquire with the worm gear, they have gained popularity in case of devices where stopping needs to be done swiftly and accurately, like lifts and elevators.
  2. When there is a need for noise control– The contact of two different elements in the worm gearbox reduces the noise pollution, making it ideal for spaces where noise needs to be controlled. Various industrial applications make use of the worm gearbox.
  3. When space is a concern– A worm gear is made use of in heavy machinery like large ships in the ocean or trucks barrelling down a deserted highway. Worm gear finds applications in machinery that need to use torque in confined spaces. The unique shape of the worm gear allows vast flexibility and versatility. They are made use of in packaging equipment, conveyors, and generally all small machinery as well.
  4. Where shock loading is a reality– The materials used in the worm gear are soft in nature facilitating easy shock absorption with less damage. This particular feature is extremely useful for rock crushers and heavy-duty machines.

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