Choose India’s Leading Industrial Gearbox Manufacturer: Premium Transmission

Industrial Gearbox Manufacturer Premium Transmission

Among the gearbox manufacturers globally , Premium Transmission is a leading reputed brand. We can customise the design, engineering and manufacturing of gearboxes that suit the needs of your applications. The gearbox is a crucial component of most drive systems and the experience of many years has helped us become the top-industrial gearbox manufacturers. As a result of the support from our customers within the country and beyond, we have been able to expand and prosper as the top-industrial gearbox suppliers over the years.

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturing company for gearboxes in India? Your quest, if so, ends with us. For any setup, we can provide you with a high-quality, precision-engineered parallel helical gearbox. With products from the best industrial gearbox manufacturer in India, increase torque, decrease or increase speed, reverse rotate or adjust the direction of the driveshaft of your industrial solutions.

Our Products

  Our cost-effective gearboxes are long-lasting and easy to operate. We are the number one manufacturer of automotive gear motors with a versatile approach to fit the requirements of all our customers in every sector. Our products include: 

  • Worm gearbox 
  • Helical gearbox 
  • Planetary gearbox 
  • Geared motors 
  • Fluid coupling for both constant and variable speed 
  • Cooling tower Gearbox

Why Choose Us For All Your Gearbox Requirements 

At Premium Transmission, a well-known manufacturer of industrial gearboxes in India, we combine the latest manufacturing technologies with premium materials to produce highly sophisticated solutions. Industrial gearboxes are tough equipment which should be extremely robust and reliable. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus on trustworthy producers of heavy-duty gearboxes like us. We have an established track record in the world-class standard and quality of the development and supply of all types of gearboxes, including extruder duty helical gearboxes, inline helical geared engine, etc.

Our factory at Premium Transmission has consistently embraced innovation and focused on providing a higher level of excellence in all our products. Moreover, we use robust material to design our products, while meeting international standards of quality. In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we use the latest technology to create high-quality products. 

In addition to this, we assure you that our products are licensed and insured, and we have hired a team of highly-experienced and well-trained professional workers. So, if you’re looking for industrial gearboxes, including planetary gear motors or coupling gearboxes, you should consider contacting us at Premium Transmission