Premium Care- Gearbox Maintenance

Premium Care

The gearbox industry has been able to provide more and more innovative technology and services of lately, facilitating minimal downtime and optimum performance of gearboxes. Premium transmission is known to be one of the most reliable industrial gearbox manufacturers in India, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Pune, Falta – Kolkata, Shendra – Aurangabad.

If you want to keep your gearbox functioning at its optimal performance, then regular maintenance should be done. The best way to maintain your gearbox is to check it regularly to determine potential failures and fix them before they happen.

Most gearbox manufacturers are experts in engineering, designing, and building gearboxes. At Premium Care, our highly experienced and well-trained teams have a great deal of knowledge of the standards and specifications, and with the right expertise of tools and keeping in mind the aspect of refurbishment, we address each problem very diligently. We have a proven experience in the critical application of gearbox refurbishment, allowing us to repair almost anything and perform reverse engineering and remanufacturing if required.

Here are a few points that Premium Care preaches by when it comes to Gearbox maintenance-

1. Regular visual inspections of gearboxes.  Look for oil leaks on the input and output shafts, and discolouration of the paint that might indicate overheating. Listen to the gearbox and check for excessive vibration. At Premium care our experts are so well versed with the gearboxes that they can tell immediately when things aren’t right.

2. Gearboxes very often are required to operate in dirty, dusty environments. You need to try to keep them as clean as possible to avoid the potential ingress of contaminants into the unit and aid visual inspections. Dust and dirt covering a gearbox also contributes to overheating. Therefore, brushing them often is necessary.

3. Routine lubrication in accordance with the Premium Transmission’s specifications is essential. Make sure you’re using the right lubricant with the correct additives for your application and consult and consult Premium Care if there is any ambiguity.

4. Monitor the gearbox temperature with an infrared gun and note any sudden changes that will almost certainly indicate a problem.

5. Regular vibration analysis is particularly important in a noisy environment. Monitor vibration of the product that reflects quality of gear train and bearings. An increase in vibration is a sure sign of the onset of problems.

6. Remove the inspection covers and examine the gears and pinions visually for signs of pitting or spiralling.

7. It is important to make sure the breathers are of the correct type and are kept clean and free of debris at all times. This is difficult for dirty applications, such as brick making or cement manufacture, this is where Premium care comes to the rescue.

8. Check backlash. An increase in backlash indicates wear and tear with the gear train.

9. With newer versions emerging all the time, it is possible that the demands on the gearbox have changed since it was originally specified. The gearbox ratings need to be checked and ensured that it is operating within the specifications and with required power input.

10. Work in partnership with Premium Transmission as we are equipped to provide a full range of gearbox servicing, refurbishment and replacement services. Working in partnership with us and by implementing an effective gearbox maintenance program it’s possible to almost eliminate unscheduled downtime and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Premium Transmission a gearbox manufacturer in India known to offer engineering excellence and expertise in the field if design and manufacturing custom built gearboxes, geared motors, fluid couplings and lift machines. We’re familiar with the global technological know- how for gearboxes and other products with state-of-the-art facilities for overhauling and reconditioning the products regardless of the make.

It’s always important to remember that planned maintenance can be budgeted for, but gearbox failure and the resulting cost of downtime can’t. Best practice in modern manufacturing like the one of Premium Transmission is about reducing maintenance, cutting downtime and having a plan in place to provide a fast response solution for every critical unit in a plant.