Standard Helical

Rigid design of casing
Flash lubrication for better performance
Large inspection window
Oil check indicator
Standard Helical


  • Huge modular system for the optimal gear unit solution.
  • Comprehensive accessory program
  • Available as an individual gear unit or an integrated drive system
  • High quality casting housing improves the gearbox mechanical strength and anti-vibration capability
  • The geometrical design of gear tooth provides high efficiency
  • Maximum load bearing capacity
  • Long-service life
  • Low noise
  • High efficiency
  • Different cooling options

Broad Specification

  • Model: H1 - H4
  • Ratio range: 1.22 - 657
  • Torque range (kNm): 0.4 - 350
  • Power rating (kW): Up to 5573



Range: Up to 290 kW

Sizes: From 760 mm to 1000 mm CD

Reduction ration: Up to 25:1


  • Rigid cast casing
  • High capacity thrust bearings to bear the axial loads from mill
  • Ground bevel pairs
  • High torque transmitting and maximum reliability
  • High efficiency


Range: Up to 650 kW

Sizes: From 40 to 450 CD

Reduction ration: up to 20.9:1


  • Case hardened and lapped steel spiral bevel gearboxes are provided for torque transmission between the right angle shaft
  • Unicast case, three-point foundation with pump less lubrication, which Is unique in design
  • It has a combination of labyrinth double oil seal arrangement at fan end with double oil Seal at motor end
  • Taper/Cylindrical/Spherical roller bearings are used
  • The standard direction of rotation is 'clockwise' at both the input/output shafts when viewed onto respective shaft end


Range: Up to 1410 kW

Sizes: From 0.12 to 112

Reduction ratio: 5.6:1 to 25.6:1


  • Vertically offset type gearbox with FLS and inbuilt thrust bearings
  • Compact in-built on thrust bearing suitable to take care of heavy thrust load
  • Maximum operating reliability
  • Low noise and smooth running
  • Highest heat dissipation due to forced lubrication
  • In-built cooling and filter system
  • Low noise
  • Minimum rotation vibration


Power range: Up to 125 kW

Reduction ratio range: 25:1 to 42:1

Sizes: 112 to 250


  • Vertical gearbox with FLS and inbuilt tapper roller bearings
  • Inclusive of tapper roller bearings to take care of overhung loads from agitator
  • Flange for input motor connection & output side bearing placed within drywell is also grease lubricated
  • Low vibration level