Importance of an Industrial Gearbox


An industrial gearbox is a system in which the mechanical energy is transferred from one device to another and is used to increase torque while reducing speed. Gearboxes can modify their speed, torque to convert energy into a compatible format. They are useful in easing out the mechanical functioning in industries.

Helical gearboxes, Coaxial helical line, Bevel helical gearboxes, Skew bevel helical gearboxes, Worm reduction gearboxes, Planetary gearboxes are some of the standard gearboxes used in industries.

The large-scale industries where gearboxes are extensively used are:

  • Paper Industry

Gearboxes made from aluminium alloys, steel, and cast iron are being used for the smooth working of the machines in the paper industry.

  • Cement industry

Gearboxes that carry high torque find their need in this field. The bevel helical gearbox and parallel shaft are used for functionalities like Engine Augmentation, reduction in speed, etc.

  • Sugar industry

It is one of the biggest industries with a huge variety of machines using gearboxes such as planetary, helical, etc.,

  • Steel industry

Heavy, sturdy machines are involved in the steel Industry. Planetary, pinion and other types of gearboxes are used.

Worm Gearbox Manufacturers India

A worm gear typically reduces the rotational speed or transmit higher torque. Their major advantage is that they can transfer motion in 90 degrees.

The worm gearbox has gained popularity due to its high efficiency and load carrying capacity and is vastly used and manufactured in India.

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