A Few Things That You Need to Know About Power Transmission Gearbox


Power Transmission Gearbox is an often used term in the transmission and manufacturing industry. These complex functioning but simple looking products are the driving equipment of countless machines and units over wide range of applications. Here are a few things that you need to know about power transmission gearbox-

What is a Power Transmission Gearbox?

Power transmission gearboxes are devices for the transmission or translation of movement.

In industry gearboxes are used to transform the speeds and torques produced by the prime mover in order that they are appropriate to the machine which is to be driven. The speeds and torques required by the machine are derived from application. Prime movers can generally only meet these requirements when combined with gearbox.

How is the Power Transmission Gearbox structured?

A typical power transmission gearbox setup consists of gears, shafts, bearings and casing. The complexity of the structure goes on changing according to its use and application. In the simplest form, the power transmission gearbox consists of input helical gear shaft parallel to output gear shaft. In the complex forms, co-axial planetary gearbox consists of sun, planet, ring gear and carrier are used.

What are the main concepts in the working of a Power Transmission Gearbox?

Gearboxes transmit power through involute profile teeth without slip. Speed, torque and reduction ratio are the primary and the most significant parameter in a Power Transmission Gearbox. The unequal number of teeth between the two gears determines their speed of rotation and change of transmitting torque.

Gearboxes have high operational reliability and long life, require little maintenance and are characterised by the ability to accept overloading, small size and high efficiency.

Who are the leading power transmission gearbox manufacturers in India?

Premium Transmission is one of the leading power transmission gearbox manufacturers in India. They manufacture a wide array of power transmission gearboxes such as Helical, Bevel-Helical Gearboxes, Worm Gearbox and Planetary Gearbox. Premium has state of art technology from Premium-Stephan Germany for parallel helical geared motors, Inline helical geared motors and bevel-helical geared motor. The superior quality and compact designs of these power transmission gearboxes makes Premium Transmission one of the most renowned power transmission gearbox manufacturers in India.