Get High-Quality Worm Gears From Premium Transmission, A Renowned Manufacturer


A worm gear consists of a shaft and a spiral thread, and is used to engage and drive a toothed wheel. Typically an older style of gear, worm gears are a version of the one of the six simple machines. Essentially, a worm gear is a screw that is held up against a standard spur gear with a slightly angled and curved teeth. 

It changes the rotational motion by 90 degrees, and due to the position of the worm on the worm wheel, the plane of movement also changes (or simply “the wheel”). Usually, they are made of a steel worm and a brass wheel.

We at Premium transmission design and engineer a wide variety of worm gears, which are available in various ratios according to individual requirements.

Why You Should Choose Us As Your Worm Gear Manufacturer

Premium Transmission is able to manufacture worm gears in regular as well as personalised sizes. Our highly trained team utilises their many years of experience and our large equipment fleet to deliver high-quality equipment with great accuracy.

While manufacturing the offered range, only high-quality alloy steel, cast iron and other allied materials are used for enhanced compliance with international quality standards. For its excellent finish and ability to withstand high stress, our range is highly valued by customers. In addition, our collection is offered in different dimensions and can be personalised at highly competitive prices, according to the specific needs of our customers.

We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations, hence, we’ve created a thorough manufacturing process that helps us monitor the quality of the product through every stage. 

Types of Worm Gears We Offer

Counted as one of the prominent gear manufacturers and suppliers, we specialise in providing multiple different types of worm gears, which include: 

Standard Worm Gearbox

An important feature of the standard worm gearbox is its high efficiency and load carrying capabilities, combined with long life and reliable service. We offer three ranges under the standard worm gearbox: 

  • Adaptables
  • Solid Foot
  • Heavy Duty 

ALTRA  Worm Gearbox 

A commonly used worm gearbox is the Altra worm, which is made out of aluminium alloy housing and composes the housing, flanges, feet upto size 90 and cast iron is used for the sizes 110 and above

Special Worm Gearbox 

Special worm gearbox can be customised according to your application and requirements. For more details, get in touch with us

Modular Worm Gearbox 

With modular designs, these worm gearboxes come in countless combinations, which have enabled reduction in stock and lowered the costs for distributors and dealers, while ensuring excellent level of service. Benefitting from modularity, our worm gearbox has led to the creation of a systematic model that optimises the supply chain. Moreover, other important features include high efficiency and load carrying capabilities combined with life-long and reliable service. 

Worm gearboxes are commonly used in industries like material handling, packaging and labelling, oil and gas, power, mining and rubber & plastic. This type of gearbox is commonly used for: 

  • Conveyors 
  • Elevator Drives 
  • Separator Drive 
  • Classifier 
  • Conveyor Drive

So, if you’re looking for different types of high-quality gearboxes like worm gearboxes,  you should consider contacting us at Premium Transmission today