Premium Care: The Ultimate After Service App From Premium Transmission

Premium Care App

The three most important aspects of today’s manufacturing industry are warranty, maintenance and customer service. We at Premium Transmission believe that customer service should be easily and readily available to our customers at all times. Keeping this in mind, we launched Premium Care, a comprehensive after sales service app, for our customers. 

We built this app with one aim in mind – enhancing the level of after-sales service we provide our customers. To ensure it’s easily accessible, it requires no technical expertise, has a user-friendly interface, and is simple and efficient. 

Before we talk more about our after service app, let’s first discuss a little more about our services. 

An Introduction To Premium Transmission 

We are in the business of delivering mechanical power transmission solutions, and the demands of the client are at the heart of our solution methods. Every gear and coupler in our portfolio is tailored to a specific application need.

Premium Transmission is perhaps India’s only gear manufacturer having in-house R&D facilities that have been approved by the Government of India. Our product selection is as diverse as our experience, which strengthens our ability to supply you with solutions that exactly match your demands, regardless of industry or application.

We provide complete solutions, from analyzing your needs to developing the solution, producing and commissioning the equipment, and providing dependable, on-demand after-sales servicing and support. Our production facilities are cutting-edge, with cutting-edge design, forging, metalworking, finishing, and testing equipment.

Premium serves the global engineering industry with high-quality, precision-engineered power transmission solutions and products, serving customers in Australia, China, Germany, the Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Asia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Zambia. We have a large network of offices across the world and can handle your needs on a worldwide scale.

Premium has four cutting-edge, ISO 9001-certified production factories in India and one in Germany under the brand Premium Stephan.

The Need For Premium Care 

Premium Care is a new project launched by Premium Transmission, with the objective of delivering high-quality services on time to our clients, as well as being part of the solution and catering to places where we not only operate directly, but also via our growing partners. We have greatly expanded our access to clients with the Premium Care app, allowing us to resolve their gear problems.

We are equipped with different testing equipment such as gear testers to assure quality at every level of manufacture since we are focused on developing excellent goods via its strong procedures and system. We have the necessary measurement equipment and resources to ensure that the goods are of the highest quality. Premium transmission’s product versions, gearboxes, fluid couplings, and geared motors are all approved.

We are a one-stop shop for overhauling and reconditioning of all makes of gearboxes, geared motors and fluid couplings. Premium transmission is outfitted with a World-class facility to aid in the deployment of innovations. 

Through our cutting-edge service app that focuses on servicing, reconditioning, and overhauling, we hope to deliver a one-stop solution to all of our loyal clients. Our goal is to provide a solution to all of your gearbox issues, no matter where they occur, with the shortest reaction time possible. While Premium Transmission ensures that every stage of the production process meets the highest standards, the new Premium Care app also takes care of gearbox malfunctions. After filling out the essential facts about the product that needs to be taken care of, the Premium care app will lead you to submit photographs of the same and presto, we will get back to you in no time to relieve you of your conflict.

We think that Premium Care will raise the bar in terms of service efficiency and will unlock enormous possibilities for the people we serve. Premium Care claims to increase the dependability of current machinery, consequently increasing total equipment efficiency and extending equipment life. This assists in overcoming capital budget restrictions while also increasing the resale value of older machinery.

How To Use The Premium Care App 

We have built this app to ensure it’s easily accessible by anyone, hence, it boasts of a user-friendly interface and is extremely simple to understand. If you’re facing any problems that require our attention, simply download the app from Google Playstore and raise a ticket on the app. 

Raising A Ticket On Premium Care 

To raise a ticket on the Premium Care app, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Upload your personal details, including: 

  • Name 
  • Designation 
  • Company Name 
  • Email ID 
  • Mobile Number
  • Country 
  • City 

Step 2: Upload your equipment details, including:

  • Request Type (new or repeat)
  • Manufacturer (Premium Transmission or other)
  • Product Name 
  • Product Type 
  • Product Size 
  • Product Ratio
  • Input RPM
  • Output RPM 

Step 3: Upload images of your equipment 

Once you’ve completed all the steps given above, our executives will reach out to you and help you in any way necessary. 

There’s no doubt that exemplary customer service has always been one of the crucial factors that sets us apart from everyone else. The introduction of the Premium Care app is one such initiative that will help us further excel in that area. So, download the app today, and let us take care of all your gearbox issues.