Customers outlook for quality

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The main objective for any business is to make money. As long as you have a product that customers desire, you’re in business. But what’s the secret to a successful business? Happy customers. How do you make your customers happy? By providing them desired products and services with expected Quality.

Quality is not something that’s only important to the customers, but to the Organizations as well. The people it bears maximum significance to, are the Sales Executives, because they form the frontline of an organization’s marketing strategy. Indications of a good business involves serving customers with their desired product quality and the service provided to them during it. Happy Customers are the virtue of any successful business. Their loyalty, trust and credibility help rekindle positive recommendations about a product and the organisation. Premium transmission is a gear manufacturing company in Pune, that preaches quality over all else.

At what stage does quality matter? Where does it begin?

As renowned gear manufacturers in India, and as one experienced in the field, we’d say Quality begins right from sales prospect to how a sales person pitches the product to a customer until the satisfactory completion of expected life of the product.

At Premium, we ensure quality above all to our customers. Our team works tirelessly towards the development products that are customer desirable.

The complaints or queries customers generally have about manufactured products include manufacturing defects or poor workmanship. But where does the problem really start? After inspecting into it, there are other factors that come to light such as improper communication, poor negotiation, designing or even the lack of application knowledge.

What we’re trying to imply is that Quality is not the responsibility of just one team. There are a number of elements that need to work together to produce a desired quality product. While there are a number of challenges that stand across a manufacturing industry, there is also opportunity to overcome them. A few of the upsides or opportunities are- Formulating self-sufficient Quality organisation, Product quality improvement, Process improvements, Supplier Quality improvements, Export focus, design process improvements etc.

What marks the success of a product?

Sure, customers desire a good product. But that’s not it. There are two aspects that Organizations generally fail to tend to. One, how do customers define quality and why are they suddenly complaining or asking for a different quality than the one delivered to them in the past? Second, how crucial is Quality when it comes to service and how can it be ensured after the sale?

While they seem like mundane questions, the answers to the same helps you build an effective customer driven quality program. It is essential to remember that Customers run the Industry or the marketplace, because they are the ultimate judges of our products.

At Premium Transmission we offer what customers seek. And we believe in the fact that Quality should be primarily customer driven; Not production driven or competitor driven.

Product performance/ reliability and customer service are closely knitted when it comes to Quality. Greater attention to product quality during production is directly proportional to lesser demands on the customer service operations. Premium Transmission has been known to be most reliable gear manufacturers in India, who produce Quality products.